Cryptocurrency’s Betting Applications or How bitcoins Became Chips


Can we say that the Bitcoin fever was blown out of proportion? I’ll respectfully allow the unbiased reader to be the judge of that. 22nd May 2010 – everything started with two Papa John’s pizzas, approximately 12 bucks each. Programmer Laszlo Hanyecz decided to pay 10 000 BTC for the delicious asset, hence winning a Razzie Award for the worst investment strategy. Ever since this “initiation” of Bitcoin commerce, many online services followed suit. Here I aim at firming up the terms and conditions of the best Bitcoin betting sites in case you want to sign on with a renowned bookie.

How Crypto Betting Does Justice to Wagerers

Many bettors still deem collection of sensible data to be an outrageous impunity. The same folks accept with open hands the exemption from mandatory ID checks, allowed by the Bitcoin sportsbooks. Obviously, the flaw that brought the obscure levels of sports betting into disrepute is working for cryptocurrency gambling, which handles it with ease. You can literally walk the registration in a few minutes and focus on the important stuff, which is wagering. If you don’t feel comfortable confiding in your innermost information how about just throwing an email, which you’ll have to confirm afterwards? It’s indeed that easy.

The Sportsbooks Are Going Bitcoin


The sheer abundance of bitcoin-accepting betting sites can cause you to wander in a roundabout way until settling on decision. Fortunately, there is a handy site ranking bookies of all sorts, that can alleviate the pain of a misguided bettor. Upon exhausting the page, you might still feel the need to check out a few other options, so here is the moment for yours truly, a well-versed scholar on the subject of online betting, to rise and shine. Without further ado, I want to present a summarized information about betting with Bitcoin.

The Pioneers in Bitcoin Gambling – Who did it First?

The longed-for option for bitcoin transfers came into fruition worldwide the late 2014. Both mobile and PC users can use the system with the same success when finalizing a payment ever since. The authorization is done either by manually imputing the company wallet’s address or by scanning a QR code (mobile). The minimum deposit amount will usually be set to $20 and the maximum – somewhere around the $5000 mark, as opposed to $20 and $9500 withdrawal limits, roughly. Make a mental note to deposit bitcoins if you want to withdraw to your crypto wallet. You reap what you sew in a sense. For example, one can’t deposit with Visa and cash out bitcoins.

Betting Sites With High Withdrawal Limits

The sites accepting high-stakes gambling have always been a leading force in online betting. They took on board the idea for bitcoin banking relatively quickly after the concept went mainstream. As of the late 2014, several sites granted the tools to use bitcoins for betting to their customers. In keeping with the cushy user experience, the bookie has adapted the cryptocurrency payment procedure to suit the average bettor. As a result, the customers are prompted to perform a rather simplistic routine. To begin with, all users are automatically entitled to a personal wallet address upon visiting the Cashier. What you need to do next is simply use the address as you normally would with every other Bitcoin transaction. No stringent limitations are ever imposed on the amount of money you deposit or withdraw – $25 and $10 000 respectively is more than ample sum for both.

Lower Withdrawal Maximum Websites

Yet another type of sportsbook that didn’t lose heart at the break of the cryptocurrency era. Many bookies rolled out the sweeping change in their banking options in 2015, by adding Bitcoin to the list of deposit methods. While 20$ worth of bitcoins as initial deposits margin is not too far off compared to the other bookies, $5000 withdrawal limit might come as a surprise to some. However, the lack of fees on deposits is indicative of how much the company values their customers.

Betting Sites That Accept Nothing but Cryptocurrency

The Bitcoin-only gambling sites typically have an exceptionally experienced team of professionals. The reference values in their platform are expressed only by means of Bitcoin (฿), meaning that the gross worth may vary. Your minimal deposit had better be above 0.001 ฿ or else it will be considered void. Last but not least, you can exploit the BTCXE service to buy and deposit Bitcoins but this will include taxes.