Should You Act Upon the Quakes of the Crypto World – Pros & Cons of Cryptocurrencies

There is surprising cohesion around the idea that cryptocurrencies are the future of financing. But to say when and how will be like plucking numbers out of thin air. What we know for sure is, that this payment method catches the public eye for a reason. The benefits of a decentralized payment system are innumerable. As the most prominent one is often pinpointed the abolition of a potential overreaching authority. It’s the same thing as what gives reasoning to the pro-gun movement. In the case of “coins”, there’s no arbitrary unit that calls the shots. Not only are most software frameworks open-source, but the very nature of the operating protocols is autonomous. Then, the ease-of-accessibility is unprecedented, provided that, you’re connected to the Internet. Did the lift-off come on too short a notice? Bear with me, I’ll make sense of everything said above. All in good time.

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Cryptocurrency Advantages – Exploring the Plus Side

It’s been a long time coming the so hankered payment system from “users to users” without a governing entity in the middle. The invention of digital money facilitated purchases (especially those made online) a great deal, but in times of persistent broadening of the term “freedom”, this just isn’t going to cut it. So now we get barraged with a perpetual stream of intellection on everything that bears on crypto-based currencies. Let’s fan out and revise some of the definite advantages of a payment structure thus devised. It will definitely be helpful to know your way around this emerging disbursal scheme.

  • Security

    From the vantage point of discreetness, there isn’t a more potent practice of carrying out large payments than the best cryptocurrencies can offer. As it befits a methodology based on top-grade cryptography, all attempts of deciphering any of the information packages related to a transaction are condemned to failure.

  • Convenience

    For the most part, the effortless management of a crypto Wallet does one thing very well. That is breaking the ingrained convention that online banking is only for those who specialized in the field. If you can let the copy/pasting of lengthy addresses slide, then you’ll be completely fine with churning out payments left and right. The same goes for receiving funds – all you need to do is provision your public address to the sender, something that in no way compromises your safety.

  • Ultra Low Fees

    Coins like Monero and Dash, which have double-folded security standards for privacy’s sake, have relatively high transaction fees as opposed to the rest of its peers. Even so, a wire transfer is still immensely overpriced in comparison. This is due to the vastly superior topology of blockchain technology.


Confusing addresses is a detriment that keeps plaguing the inattentive amongst the users up to this day. Getting sidetracked for a second could mean that you’re sending bitcoins to an Ethereum address, which is never a good thing. If you pity your hard-earned cash, you’d be extra careful when handling your financial outlay.

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Why Invest in Cryptocurrencies?

Every far-out technology is meant to be appreciated in its entirety only after a certain testing period has elapsed. By investing in a “coin” now you invest in its future application, which may hold ideas that are well ahead of the present time and age. The bottom line is, that investing in a quiescent giant is always a high-paying enterprise. Innovative ideas are bound to face opposition, which ultimately makes them all the more precious. Do I think that cryptocurrencies can expunge mainstream banking for good? Not even remotely.

Managing online payments is just a drop in the ocean of potential blockchain implementations. With such a structure on hand, it’s not too far off to start plotting out plans for an omnichannel platform. Here I mean things like asset exchange and voting. The unalterable public ledger provides undeniable proof of all transactions made on the network. Think of it as a public record of not just coins but all sorts of things that can be defined digitally. Arguably, a transparent voting system is what institutions and corporate shareholders would most likely want to see being developed.

Exchange Rates

This is a sore spot for all crypto-coin fanatics, yet nobody is willing to open up this can of worms. Capricious exchange rates and uncertainty have chased the banks off the idea of cooperation with the crypto world. The entire folklore behind it is permeated by speculations of “whales”, under-the-table deals and manipulation. All of which is enough to stir the pot and cause fluctuations in price one way or another. As of late, there’s this downward motion pervading the stock exchanges. If we’re to follow the single most primal rule of trading, we ought to buy the dips and sell the rips. It could indeed be a good moment to get involved with a promising crypto project, just do the necessary research beforehand.