Major Sites Processing Cryptocurrency Payments

The topmost cryptocurrencies have permeated almost every area of our life without rocking the boat too much. As it stands, online stores accepting this means of payment abound on the Internet, offering an answer to our every whim. But it wasn’t until the late 2014, that the notion of crypto-payments for goods was distilled into a factual working system. A few bright minds perceived the blockchain technology as a worthy successor of e-money and extrapolated it to the sphere of e-commerce. Casting around for renowned retailers, who had adopted and tested out crypto payments long enough, significantly shortens the list of worthwhile candidates. Let the bother be on me. Down below is a reductive line-up of what I consider to be established pedigree companies, that have successfully integrated one or many cryptocurrencies into their structure.

  • Microsoft


    Microsoft took the bull by the horns and is now crediting Bitcoin deposits. The funds, thus obtained can in turn be used for purchasing game apps or other assets from Microsoft’s Store. It goes without saying – whenever dealing with the multi-billion-dollar company you should first read meticulously the terms and conditions. To give you a quick heads-up I’ll say that deposited bitcoins are not redeemable, you’ll have to spend them on something.

  • Expedia

    In the middle of 2014, Expedia proudly announced they start accepting bitcoins. Working closely with Coinbase, Expedia succeeded in adopting Bitcoin payments for hotel booking. Proof of the excellent risk-management policy of the company is, that it offers hotel prices in U.S. dollars and their Bitcoin equivalent altogether. Currently Expedia is laser-focusing hotel booking as far as Bitcoin payments go. In addition, you’ll have to open a Coinbase account and get familiar with the exchange rate set by the site. It’s also good to know that Bitcoin transactions are irreversible.

  • was arguably the first large e-merchant to implement cryptocurrency payments in their structure. Its website is one of the few to accept not only Bitcoin, but Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Monero and Bitcoin Cash transfers as well. In this fashion can practically purchase almost unlimited array of goods, ranging from lighting solutions to jewelry. Amazon’s arch-rival prides itself on its full-blown payment system, that first converts your chosen cryptocurrency to bitcoin before checking out.

  • Gambling


    There’re many gambling websites in the here and now, that are eagerly starting up Bitcoin users. From sports betting to Casino, all sorts of hazardous gaming is right up Bitcoin’s alley. The distinct advantage of such sites is that shortened registration procedure. Sparingly will you ever have to provide any personal information at all. On the other hand, complete discretion is guaranteed, based on the sole nature of cryptography itself.

  • Shopify

    The shopping maniacs know of Shopify – the platform empowering more than 600 000 online stores around the web. Its creators have always been on the forefront of innovation and quite naturally in November 2013 they ushered in, for their customers, the option to start working with cryptocurrencies. Many took a flyer trying to widen their scope of potential customers only to see their business take off. Some of the retailers who accept crypto coins are: Bitgear, Beloved Shirts, Strapping Fellow, Enclave, Mindzai and more.

  • CheapAir

    CheapAir is allegedly the first travel agency ever to make a go out of flight booking with Bitcoin. Its service extends to international and domestic flights. The story how CheapAir took “on board” a customer inquiry for Bitcoin payments is very touching, but I firmly believe the decision came as a well-informed “hint” from company’s financial advisors. Then, it comes as little surprise, that CheapAir is already putting out feelers for expanding the Bitcoin undertaking into Hotel reservation.

  • Gyft

    The Crypto trend took root in the gift card business too. For instance, Gyft sells gift cards from a number of e-merchants: Sephora, Target,, Southwest Airlines, to mention a few. Bitcoin holders can use their acquired cards as they like. To get started you’ll need to obtain a Coinbase wallet.


Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain Have Withstood the Test of Time

It’s not too distant the time when Bitcoin non-believers used to bring up how this technology it scalable enough to make an impact on the world economy. Today’s reality check says otherwise, though. On close inspection, Bitcoin as a means of payment Measures up adequately. It endows not one but a host of online stores and services who want to go one step further in their QoS. There are even lighter coins than Bitcoin, that are part of faster networks like Litecoin and Ethereum. The two have yet lots of catching up to do, but the path has been laid out before them and before long they might equal Bitcoin in popularity and employment.