What’s the Best Software for Mining Bitcoins and Ethereum?

Did you have the nerve and money to buy one of those state-of-the-art, outlier machines. You’re one step away from setting up an operational cryptocurrency mining station. The only thing left is to join a mining pool and start cooperating with other miners in the blockchain. The interface responsible for this crucial loop in the chain is referred to as mining software or simply “miner”. However, there is an eye-popping number of viable options in present days. I’ll take up issue with the subject and together we’ll go through some workable options, that will get you started in no time. As guidelines I’ll be using the following criteria: ease-of-use, customizability and user feedback.


Some geeky guys, who prefer to coordinate everything from the command line, would definitely get a kick out of text-only programs like CGminer. Developed by Con Kolivas, its cross-platform properties make it compatible with Linux, Windows and OS X. When I say the savvy folks will be thrilled to bits, I’m alluding to the incredible capabilities of this software for fine tuning. This includes supervision, fan speed control and remote interface capabilities. There are some specifics related to Kolivas’s script further deviations. For instance, GPU mining for machines running on Windows isn’t necessarily present in the later versions. The author apparently has decided to continue support only of ASIC mining for SHA-256 cryptos. The code of the program is free and available for download directly from the developer’s web page.


This piece of software is a solidified multi-pool miner that features more than 15 cryptos. Users may choose between a GUI version or rely solely on a console based one. You can either smart-mine or allocate all your available resources to mining only your favorite coin. The developers understand that it’s not easy to come down to a single front-runner, that’s why they introduced merged-mining at some point. It affords the option for simultaneous mining of two cryptocurrencies without inhibiting the hashrate allocated to your primary choice for coin. One of the easiest clients to set up, you can get into the action virtually in a few minute with MinerGate.


Geir Hansen, the creator of Bitminer mining client, has been around the block for quite some time. His mining pool has been launched around 2011 and has been one of the best services for that purpose. The launch of Hansens’ tailored mining client followed shortly after. One of its key characteristics is the clean interface, making a centerpiece of your hashrate. To start mining just hit the “Engine Start” button. Furthermore, you can monitor the metrics of the working process such as proofs of work (POF), uptime and downtime. The program works smoothly with both GPU and custom ASIC chipsets. You have to be aware, that this is an applicable solution only within the boundaries of Bitminer’s pool. Also, the server choice is binary – US or Europe.



That miner is custom-built for ASIC devices alone. There is a slight probability that you may be able to configure it to work with certain graphic cards. Even so, the chances are, this endeavor won’t pay off. Due to its highly-profiled design, BFGMiner let you potter around with the separate modules of your hardware. There are so many things one can do – overclock, oversee device’s temperature, work with different pools etc. Among the most valued trait of the software is its intelligent government of bad connections. The miner would stop wasting resources for the sake of not responding pools. Not only is it effective, but BFGMiner was made with users in mind. That is – it facilitates the execution of regular tasks through hotkeys use.


As soon as you run the program for the first time, you’ll be prompted to create a Litecoin wallet. You might want to think of a more profitable alternative to Litecoin, though. For example, Bitcoin is the prevalent choice when it comes to online purchases or even gambling. Anyway, to the point. The mining abilities of the software extend to several other cryptocoins. It’s on good terms with the ASIC hardware, assisting the users in calibrating their piece of equipment. EasyMiner is a particularly good choice for mining Bitcoin and Litecoin alike. However, there is a minor flaw that occurred due to heavy misuse on behalf of hackers. Things escalated so much, that nowadays, EasyMiner processes fail to pass the antivirus check of some firewalls, therefore they are being shut down and sandboxed immediately.